Forget everything you think and know about diet and exercise. Are you ready to LOSE FAT AND BUILD MUSCLE with an exercise and nutrition program that works for everyone.

JUST RESULTS!  Are you tired of constantly signing up at different gyms motivated and ready to go only to have that motivation fizzle out because of lack of help or you just don't know what to do when you get there. The answer to your problem is here.

Steel Mill focus is to help you reach your goals every step of the wayOur program includes fat-torching workouts, and support that empowers you to be successful. You’ll lose weight, equip yourself with knowledge to make healthy choices, make new friends and carve out quality me time and you’ll love every minute. Benefits of the challenge include:   
  ONLY  $87.

  • Unlimited Team Training Classes
  • Unlimited CrossFit Classes
  • Unlimited Foundations
  • Coaches Assessment
  • Umlimited Access to the full gym

ONLY $87.


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Here's what our members have to say.

“I have lost 25lbs since joining Steel Mill. My body fat % has dropped significantly and I have way more energy. Anyone can workout here. I have seen all fitness and ability levels get stronger, healthier and more confident. That's not something you see at other gyms.”


“Since joining Steel Mill I can say this now, even in my 40s I'm in the best shape of my life. My weight went from 240 to 210 & I no longer feel sluggish in the middle of my travel softball league tournaments. When I joined Steel Mill I didn't just join a gym, I joined a whole community of people trying to become better at life."


“When starting on my fitness journey I wore a size 18 & weighed alittle over 200lbs. I am now a size 10 pant & weight 179lbs.The number of inches I have lost is unbelievable about 30 to be exact! I am not anywhere near finished with this journey! Steel Mill Fitness truly has the best coaches that are genuinely interested in your goals and helping you achieve them! I hope to continue to grow stronger and healthier everyday!


I was always the momma who always made excuses on why I can’t workout, but thruth is I had no desire to because I was clueless on where to even begin. I’ve never been athletic person, to the point where I couldn’t even do a simple sit-up. I decided to come to Steel Mill 3 years ago and give this thing called CrossFit a chance. The coaches were so patient, helpful and made sure I didn’t over do it to fast. I learned how to eat better and working out is now apart of my life! I love seeing my body transform and getting stronger feels amazing. I’m proud to say I’m a fit mom now!”

Anna H

"A few years ago my husband had this bright idea to join Steel Mill. They offered a 30 day jump start I wasn't 100% on board but decided to give it a shot with him. Well almost 2 years later I'm down 15lbs, Keith is down 32lbs & dropped 12% body fat. Getting in shape is not all we gained, the team like environment keeps us coming back each day, the workouts are a blast and we've met so many new friends I can't say enough about the community. Steel Mill has changed my families life all for the better"

Keith and Michelle C

“I've pretty much worked out my whole life, but have always stuggled with my weight. Just like most people I still get busy & even fall off sometimes.Having a community like Steel Mill always gives me reason to come back strong, the mulitple types of group classes available really helps on those days I don't know what to do & need that extra push.”

Jason B

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More Nice Words From Facebook

Steel mill has changed my life! I'm so thankful for the coaches who take time to actually work with you and develop good techniques no matter where you're at on the fitness journey. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy working out. You want a family that will encourage you and help you reach your goals? This is the place to be.

Brittany C

Really friendly environment, I felt welcomed and there is so much positive energy and a lot of insightful advice.

Ian H

Even though I am really out of shape and haven't exercised in years, I was welcomed and feel really comfortable in the group. My coach, Bruno, has been great to scale the exercises for me and I am already gaining strength and confidence thanks to his encouragement. The new location is really amazing! Loving it all.

Charlotte B

This gym and community has been life changing for me. For a month now, I've started caring about how I feel. Because I'm in a wheelchair, I always thought exercise would be impossible for me, but, thankful for my coach and the members for the guidance and encouragement that they have given me so far in this new journey.

Lisa B

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